L.Migliore Luciana Migliore

Associate Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

To experience all the 'thrills' of the academic life, member of the Administrative Board of the Tor Vergata University (2008-2013) and elected delegate at the National University Council (Ministry of Education, University and Research) for the Area #5-BIO for two successive mandates (2010-2015 and 2015-2019). During the 1st mandate member of the National Disciplinary Committee; during the 2nd mandate Coordinator of the Permanent Commission for ‘Giuridic state and recruitment’). Then, member of the Tor Vergata Guarantee Committee (2017-2021), the body in charge of promoting gender equality and equal opportunities, fighting any form of violence and discrimination and member of the working groups in charge of drafting the University Gender Report (2019-2021) and the Gender Equality Plan (2021), measures identified by the European Commission to promote gender equality. Since 2021, Coordinator of the Master of Science Course in 'Conservation and Restoration of Library Heritage'.

I graduated in Biological Science at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", defending a thesis in Ecology. The thesis work was done at the Institute of Genetics, at that time headed by Giuseppe Montalenti. Some time later I got a post-doctoral position at the Centre for Evolutionary Genetics of the National Research Council (CNR, Rome) and soon after I got a permanent position at the Federico II University of Naples, then I moved to the Second University of Naples. I finally came back to Rome, at the Tor Vergata University. There I set up a comprehensive laboratory (ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology) where different research field are conducted. Nowadays, in the lab 'bio' students work side by side with the 'humanists', student of the course of Restoration of Library Heritage. They are all competent, serious and keen students, although we are continuously fighting against many little and big problems.

Immediately after graduation, under the direct guide of G. Montalenti, I worked for the Institute of the Italian Encyclopaedia (Treccani). For more than twenty years I have been the responsible of the biological section in the most important projects of the Treccani Encyclopaedia. My encyclopaedic experience continued in the Italian Medical Encyclopaedia (UTET), headed by Luciano Vella, where I have been the responsible of the biological section.

The tight connection with microbiology had started as a research collaboration with Maria Cristina, on a cultural and scientific basis, but with time it turned to a very close friendship: after all, everybody knows that science walks on people legs. In spite of the years spent working away from home and my ‘nomadic’ attitude, my home and personal life always remained in Rome. For almost 40 years I’m married with Roberto Tamburi, software engineer, I have a wonderful daughter, Federica, art director, and a delightful son-in-law, Davide.