Microbiological analyses of sand for beach nourishment

Dredging sand can be usefully employed for beach nourishment, to recovery beaches eroded by storms or wave action, reducing costs of the dredged sand disposal.
For using the dredging sand in beach nourishment is mandatory, among other things,
the microbiological and virological characterization of the sand, according to the Italian legislation, to assess the potential microbiological risks for human health (D.M. 24 gennaio 1996, della legge 152 del 1999 art. 35, della legge 179 del 2002 art. 21, e del D.M. 6 novembre 2003, n.367). The methods applied are those required by law.

Our laboratory is able to carry out on sand samples, the following analyses:
• Coliforms (total and faecal)
• Faecal streptococci (enterococci)
• Escherichia coli
• Salmonella
• Spores of sulphite-reducing Clostridia
• Enterovirus (presence / absence)

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